Ms. Naomi :: Senior Portrait Photographer :: Oviedo, Central Florida

Ms. Naomi and I faced a lot of challenges during the weekend of her photo shoot.  It was booked for the weekend before she left for college and within minutes of getting to our shoot destination it began pouring - and I am not talking about a light shower - I mean POURING.  I jumped in her car and we worked out a plan b, c and d - we were determined to make it work.  We decided to head to an alternate location that had some covered areas and we started off the shoot in the rain.  We got super lucky and the rain stopped - at least temporarily.

We then went back to our first location and shot for a bit until we got poured on again!  After huddling under my reflectors for a bit til the rain subsided yet again we decided to go to our final location where Naomi was awesomely adventurous and got in the lake for some sunset images in the water.  Overall, we had a great day - but we still wanted to get at least one more look so we decided to meet the following day for a follow up session.  The weather was perfect!  And Ms. Naomi nailed the session...again!  Here are the results...


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  1. awesome Jess! That second to last with all the green is my favorite - so stunning!


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