Baby C :: Orlando Newborn Photographer

So I will say that baby C was a true anomaly.  It is pretty standard that newborn portrait sessions are booked for the first 12 days of the babies life.  This is really important because within this window the baby tends to sleep longer and harder and is generally easier to pose.  Baby C was already over a month old when her mother scheduled her first photography session so we knew going into it we wouldn't necessarily get the typically posed shots.  But baby C had a different idea and decided to play along the best she could cuddling up into different poses and remaining asleep for a good amount of the time.  So although it is important to know that this is atypical, IF for whatever reason you cannot or could not schedule your newborn session for the time right after birth, just know it is still possible to get beautiful images of your new baby. 


  1. love the one of daddy kissing her head!

  2. v e r y n i c e ! ! ! it always amazes me to see the comparison of the little body next to a man's hand. great shots, jess!


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