New gear: : Photographer, Orlando, Florida

I have been saving my pennies this year to be able to afford some new gear.  One of the items on my list was a new lens.  I finally decided on the lens I was going to get and pulled the trigger last week.  The lens I purchased is an 85 mm.  It got amazing reviews and I think it is going to make a drastic difference in what I can produce with my portraits.  I got the lens in yesterday, but it was too cold to take the kids out to play with it, so I had to wait til it warmed up today.  We didn't do anything too exciting...just hung out on the back porch playing, but it allowed me to snap some shots.  I can say already that I LOVE THIS LENS!  I cannot wait to use it on my next shoot!  Here are some of the images from today straight out of the camera.

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