Timeless Wedding: Wedding portrait session, Orlando, Florida

I recently got the privilege of collaborating with two other amazing local photographers (who happen to be good friends of mine), Sarah Bray and Jessica Friend, to create a stunning sunset wedding shoot.  The idea came about when we got together to shoot my maternity photos back in October.  We had found this amazing field and the light was simply gorgeous.  We kept saying how neat it would be to shoot a wedding there...and before we knew it we were busy planning away a styled wedding shoot.

We hit many roadblocks along the way, including...
1)  Not having eggs to bake the cake and using southwest flavored eggbeaters instead...yum...lol...and then totally forgetting the cakes the day of the shoot
2)  Difficulty finding models who would agree to a call time of 6 am
3)  Having our female model's mom calling at 5 am the day of the shoot to let us know her daughter was sick and wouldn't be modeling
4)  Scrambling to find a last minute model....and convincing another awesome local photographer, Carly Burfield, who was going to come help out that morning to be our model : )
5)  Shooting first thing in the morning during the first real cold front of the season

Despite all the setbacks, the shoot was awesome and we had such a blast.  The original premise of the shoot was a surprise sunrise wedding meets steam punk meets the Time Traveler's Wife.  Sarah's mom helped create the table settings which came out stunning and exceeded our expectations.  The models were troopers and kept us giggling the whole time - especially when Carly's dress ripped as she and the groom went running through the field.  All in all it was just a fantastic day and I feel so blessed to have such amazing and talented friends that I can share in my passion for photography with.  


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